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Subject:Cancer is lame
Time:08:35 am
So, cancer is lame yes? Yes. And in thinking so I have joined one of those walking things where people give money to crush cancer. I say that because I've joined a team called the Cancer Crushers. The reason Im posting this is because m asking for pledges and monies [moneys?] You can give me these moneys here And then we can tell cancer how dumb he is.
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Subject:So I tried something new
Time:11:25 pm
And stopped really keeping score for my resolutions.

But I invented a delicious drink I will call the Easter Island, though I'm not sure why.

4 parts Pina Colada mix
2 parts Macadamia Nut liqueur
1 parts Spiced Rum

It is delicious. I hope yall get a chance to try it.
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Subject:Update on my score
Time:12:08 pm
Ran another 5k a few days ago

even slower, 34:13. [1 pt]

Tried for [and got] a promotion, so thats a big thing for February. [1 pt]

Bought a suit that looks and feels good on me. Tailored to my fit. [10 pt]

Old score: 4 [5k*1, something big*1, still 190ish]

New Score: 16/100 F [5K*2, something big *2, Good lookin and feelin suit*1, 190ish]

Quadrupled my score in a month, feeling good about this, but not so much about the half-marathon, my training is not going splendidly. Tell me to do a better job at that.
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Subject:The first big thing
Time:04:19 pm
Today I ran a 5K. My time was a meager 32:45. In the nature of my resolutions, this means I tried something big in January, and ran a 5K this month.

Current Score: F 4/100 [weight about 190, 1*5k, and 1*try something big]
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Time:04:21 pm
So, I have decided this year to record my resolutions where many people can see them, and then they could chide me for failures and encourage and celebrate my successes. Of course, I have backup plans for each failing, and a point value for each goal.

• Run a half-marathon by the end of the year. [10 points]
• Run a 5k every month [1 point per]
• Run a mile every day [-1 point per week with a failure]

• Have a successful return to school in the fall [5 points per point of gpa]
• Take classes without matriculating [1 point per class passed]
• Read a smart kid book every month [1 point per book understood]

• Encourage good relationships with friends, family and coworkers. [15 points]
• Maybe just friends and family [12 points]
• One or the other [6 points]
• Just Liz [2 points]

• Succeed at NaNoWriMo 2009 [10 points]
• Make the whole month without giving up [2 points per week]

• Make every Magestry game for 2009 [12 points]
• Make the Spring games [6 points]
• Make the Fall games [6 points]
• Cameo at a game that I can't fully participate at [1 point per]

• Buy a suit I feel comfortable and look good in [10 points]
• Look good [6 points]
• Just a jacket [4 points]
• Just pants [1 point]

• Drop down to about 175 from where I am [10 points]
• Drop down to 185 [6 points]
• Maintain 190 [2 points]

• Try to accomplish something important every month [8 points]
• Try something important [1 point per attempt up to 8]
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Subject:Apparently I dont get to win yet
Time:02:48 am
So once upon a time there was a man in a small town. He went to the small town doctor and said, "Doctor, I think that I may die of unhappiness"

The doctor explains to him that though it is unpleasant, unhappiness can rarely kill you.

"I've tried it all: Medication, meditation, diet, exercise, and love. I've lost my taste for food and women doctor, please help me!"

The doctor has an idea, "Here is a ticket to see the great Pagliacci the greatest clown in the world. I promise you that you will feel immensely better, no matter what."

The man is silent for a moment, and looks up at the doctor. "But doctor" he says, "I am Pagliacci."
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Subject:Dont take this the wrong way, but
Time:12:51 am
I need to know everything that is wrong with me. Every defect, and every flaw. Everything I do that gets on your nerves, and everything that makes you cringe a little. Please focus on things I can improve on, and nobody tell me Im perfect, because clearly this exercise is to prove to me I am not.

I don't know if I normally allow anonymous comments, but I will be for this one in case you are nervous.
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Subject:Ben Stein makes me sad.
Time:10:58 am
Intelligent Design is the death of science. Its view that some things are too complex for natural processes to create means that at some point we can't learn anymore. That there is a horizon on science's border after which we can only say "It was designed". It limits and restricts its proponents and frankly, its out of the spirit of science up to this point. I am not saying that it is wrong, which I believe. I am saying that it is bad for science to study and bad for students to learn.

Intelligent Design is a religion. It requires some supernatural event at its origin and cannot stand without it. Its designer may not be deific, but it is apparently above the rules and laws that their designed creation works by. It is outside of the nature it designed and therefor it is SUPERnatural. Depending on the supernatural leaves it outside of natural ad material science.
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Subject:Once upon another time
Time:11:58 pm
I was in Middletown, and I bought a car. And Meg avoided me on purpose; I swear I waved an she turned and walked away.

Anyway, I now own a 1995 Eagle Vision. Yea, I'd never heard of it either. But its mine once I register it and get it inured Imma be driving again.

PS: This is because I junked the remix on account of everything breaking forever.
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Time:12:57 pm
I expected it, but it still is disappointing to read.

Last year, around November, I applied for a lab tech assistant job in Maryland, and promised many many crabcakes. However, I received a letter yesterday that I overlooked and read today. The phrase "Appreciate your interest" was near the beginning, and it did not give me a good feeling. The encouragement to continue studying and the wish of good luck sealed the deal. My apparent lack of experience in the laboratory science field was lacking too much and the fact that my Biology credit came from a CLEPT instead of a classroom was enough to show that.

Guess Im around for Magestry this season.
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You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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